Responsibility of All Members

* Members make available to the novice, the benefit of their knowledge, experience, advice and service.

* All dogs will be kept under safe and sanitary conditions and be given the appropriate health care and protection.

* Members will not maliciously slander other members nor seek to impair the reputation of other breeders.

* No member of this club shall engage in the selling of puppies or dogs to wholesalers, pet shops or animal dealers of any kind.

* At all times, members shall conduct themselves in a manner which reflects credit upon themselves, the Club, and their sighthound breed of choice.

* When confronted by a situation not covered by the Code of Ethics, the actions of the Club member should reflect the treatment the Club member would expect under similar circumstances.


Responsibility of Breeders

* Breeders will strive to conform to the appropriate CKC standard to improve progeny.

* Prior to breeding, owners of studs and bitches will screen for any disease or condition as appropriate to their sighthound breed. Screening must be completed by a qualified veterinarian.

* Breeders are responsible for all dogs they produce. Breeders must make every effort to take back or rehome any dog they have placed that is in need.

* A dog/bitch unsuitable for breeding must be sold with a non-breeding agreement or shall be altered before being sent to a new home.


Responsibility of Exhibitors

* Each member shall present his sighthound for competition or exhibition in proper condition and free from infectious diseases and shall see to it that it is properly attended to during and following the event, ensuring its health and wellbeing.

* Each member at any competitive event shall conduct himself with consistent good sportsmanship, treating all present, including competitors, judges, officials and spectators, with respect and courtesy. No member shall malign his competition by making false or misleading statements regarding a competitor’s dog, breeding practices, or person. In addition, members will respect the rules of the local community including hotels/motels, show event sites and/or sponsors.

* Each member shall take all appropriate measures necessary to assist any sighthound in distress in any circumstances.


Enforcement and Discipline

* Every member of the ECSA will be required to sign an acceptance of the code of ethics upon application and to renew acceptance annually with membership renewal.

* Breach of any of the above items may result in disciplinary action, which may involve termination of membership.

Code of Ethics


East Coast Sighthound Association

Code of Ethics
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