ECSA Executive and Board of Directors

President - Melissa Richards


Melissa is a sighthound owner who lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Together with her partner, Sam, they have three Italian greyhounds, a retired racing greyhound, and two whippets.   

Melissa has her dogs titled in conformation, and lure coursing. Melissa has been a member of the CKC for a number of years now, and is a regional director for both the National Whippet Club of Canada, and the Whippet Club of Eastern Canada. 

Melissa currently serves on the CKC Lure Coursing Council rep for Zone 1. Recently, Melissa has been approved as a CKC Chase Ability Program judge.


Vice President - Gaynia Johnson

Gaynia has loved dogs all her life, especially afghan hounds. Her first afghan came into her life as a graduation present from her parents when she graduated high school and that was the start of her love for sighthounds. She acquired her second afghan in 1989; a beautiful black male named Shadow. He was a lovely pet but she lost him early at the age of 8 due to cancer.

It was a quite a few years until she decided to get another afghan and bought herself a lovely American bred female by the name of Keasha and 6 months later another beautiful black male came into her life by the name of Onyx.


In September 2012, a new afghan came into her life by the name of Miss Ella. She has obtained her CFC and CKC championship and a rally title. Gaynia and Ella attended their first lure coursing event in Ontario with OLCA and loved it. 


Gaynia is a retired RN and is looking forward for more lure coursing events to be held in the Maritime Provinces.


Secretary - Carrie Greene


Carrie Greene is a very active dog sports participant, piloting her whippet, Vice, to multiple titles (Hyflyte Go For The Glaze, PCD, RE, NC, AgN, AgNJ, CGN).

Carrie & Vice participate in coursing, obedience, rally O, disc dog, agility. Together they ranked as #1 Whippet in CKC Rally Obedience in Canada, 2017;  #2 in Hound Group in CKC Rally Obedience in Canada, 2017; #3 Whippet in CKC Rally Obedience in Canada, 2016. 

Carrie has recently taken on the secretarial role for the club, and is Melissa's Right Hand Woman. Her enthusiasm is contagious and gets things done!


Treasurer - Wenche Overland

Wenche, native of Norway, now living in Canada has been owned

by dogs her entire life. She met her first saluki in 1995, and has been smitten ever since, but her first sighthound was a whippet.

She still has one, but has added two salukis to her (huge) family.

Her favorite activity with her sighthounds is hiking and running, and she is very active finding places where she and the hounds can get some serious running in. She also enjoys showing and LC, but the everyday life is the main focus.

Nova Scotia Director -  Norma Reid

To be updated

Prince Edward Island Director -  Vacant


New Brunswick Director -  Vacant